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Five top things to do in retirement

If you’re lucky enough to be thinking about the prospect of retirement, whether it be after the sale of your business or at the end of a long career, you could find yourself struggling for things to do.

In this quick read we’ll give you some ideas of how to fill your newfound spare time in retirement. Whether your retirement has already started or it’s a few years away, it will be worth having a plan to make the best of both your time and your money.


Gap years aren’t just for students! With air travel cheaper than ever more brits choose to jet off to the sun for a well-earned break. With an estimated 70,000 British retirees living in Spain alone, traveling and settling abroad has become the perfect option for many retirees who fancy a bit sunshine, especially through the winter months.

Whilst traveling, you can consider renting out your home to help fund your travels further and act as another income source. Take a year out to explore that part of the world that you’ve always wanted to visit, take a selfie at that land mark you’ve never been to or taste a cuisine you like in its’ home country.

Move closer to (or further away from) family!

Whether it’s time for a fresh start in a brand-new home or moving back to familiar surroundings, a house move is a great way to kick start that new lease of life a retirement can bring. If you’re intending to spend more time with family and want to spend less time traveling, consider a move closer to your family. That’s only if you don’t mind the prospect of being called on to look after the grandkids.

Take a part time job or volunteer

There are plenty of non-profit and government organisations currently looking for volunteers to donate their time and energy towards a specific cause. According to Age UK, around 2.2 million people over the age of 60 help out with at least two different charities. Volunteers for organisations can benefit from extremely rewarding activities such as providing companionship to others.

You may even find that a part-time job is more suited to your newfound lifestyle in retirement. Although it’s important to one day hang up your boots, a part-time job will keep you on your toes and help fill up your week. If you’re after something a bit more demanding than a Saturday job, how about another business?! As you’ve probably already heard, if you’re after a new venture, we’re the experts. Take a look at our latest business listings here.

Try a new sport or hobby

For many retirees, staying active is an important way to stay busy. Physical activities like tennis, golfing, swimming, or jogging, done once a week, can keep you healthy and grounded. If you’re looking to meet other people or socialise, go for team activities or sports. Learning a new language can be more than just a pastime through exercising your brain by and keeping your mental facilities sharp and clear.

Absolutely nothing!

Finally, retirement is your time to relax and enjoy the years of hard work you’ve put into your own career or business. One option is to put your feet up and finally enjoy all the finer things in life that you may have previously missed out on.

For more information regarding financial planning in preparation for retirement, read our collaborative blog with Cranwell James Financial Planning.

Sources: Age UK

Sources: Age UK http://www.ageuk.org.uk/

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