Acquisition Services

We have many years of collective Mergers & Acquisition expertise and a robust infrastructure of databases and experience to source domestic and international targets for our clients.

Acquisition Services

Acquisition Expertise

In the sourcing of acquisition candidates, Hilton Smythe employs its own proprietary buyer database while also having access to and assistance from global database partners.

The trust our clients place with us is evidenced by testimonials from clients who know we will provide meaningful diligence, analysis and senior level attention to meet their urgent needs on a strict time-line.

Our acquisition advisory services include:

  • Acquisition search.
  • Identification and analysis of potential opportunities.
  • Contact prospective targets.
  • Valuation analysis.
  • Advice on bidding tactics and strategy.
  • Preparation of indicative offer and letter of intent.
  • Deal structuring and agreeing Heads of Terms.
  • Acquisition financing through our finance team.
  • Contractual negotiations through to completion.


  1. Work with you to craft the acquisition strategy.
  2. Research and prepare a report of potential opportunities.
  3. Make contact with identified opportunities to establish a desire to sell.
  4. Coordinate initial information gathering.
  5. Valuation analysis.
  6. Prepare any offers to purchase and letters of intent.
  7. Coordinate the deal structure and facilitate any finance requirements.
  8. Agree heads of terms.
  9. Coordinate with accountants, lawyers and other third parties to navigate the due diligence and legal process.
Other types of Consultancy Services
Business Exit Strategy

The sale of any business should start well in advance. Businesses that successfully sell for the right amount of consideration plan at least three years ahead. We aim to assist in the planning process with the aim of steering strategic decisions to maximise shareholder value at sale.

Company Sale

With your dedicated experienced advisor and their support team together with our international reach, we really are best placed to assist in the sale of your company. Our experts are well versed in company sales and sell side advisory services.

Business Valuation Report

Our Business Valuation Report is a full report or detailed letter with an independent opinion of your business valuation, and assets. It is prepared by our team of expert business consultants, with many years of experience in the M&A market. 

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