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Sharia Finance

Seeking growth within your faith? We understand the unique challenges facing Sharia-compliant businesses who cannot take advantage of the conventional debt-based products on the market.

At Hilton Smythe, our knowledgeable brokers are passionate about connecting businesses with ethical and transparent funding options that honour their owners’ beliefs.

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What is Sharia Finance?

Islamic finance or Sharia-compliant finance is a term encompassing financial products that are compatible with the laws of Islam.

Foundational principles within Islamic Finance include:

  • Prohibition on usury, interest or excess: Sharia law prohibits the use of interest and premiums, referred to as “riba” in Islamic finance, and prioritising risk-sharing and profit-sharing arrangements between the institution and its clients.
  • Prohibition on speculation or uncertainty: Sharia-compliant prohibits speculative activities known as “maysir,” which translates to “gambling” and encompasses elements of unpredictable outcomes and profit derived solely from chance. As a result, many derivative transactions commonly employed in conventional finance, where the value fluctuates based on underlying assets, are considered unsuitable for Sharia-compliant investors. Additionally, conventional insurance products often fall under the category of “haram” (forbidden) due to their inherent reliance on uncertain future events.
  • Prohibition of haram goods, services and activities: Investment must not be in businesses related to alcohol, pork products, gambling, pornography and weaponry.

Conventional debt-based products are not allowed on the basis that the investor makes profit by means of receiving interest.

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Islamic banks in the UK include:

Fully Sharia-compliant

  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • Al Rayan Bank
  • Bank of London and The Middle East
  • Gatehouse Bank
  • QIB UK

Conventional banks offering Islamic financial services

  • ABC International Bank
  • Ahli United Bank
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Barclays
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bristol & West
  • Citi Group
  • IBJ International London
  • J Aron & Co
  • Lloyd’s Banking Group
  • Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Standard Chartered
  • UBS
  • United National Bank

From working capital solutions to project financing, we navigate the intricate world of Sharia-compliant finance on your behalf:

  • Profit-sharing (Mudarabah): Collaborate with investors who share in your profits and losses.
  • Cost-plus financing (Murabaha): Purchase assets through a transparent markup on their cost, inclusive of a pre-agreed profit margin.
  • Leasing (Ijarah): Gain access to equipment or property through lease agreements with ownership options.

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Benefits of working with Hilton Smythe:

  • Market independence: Forget biased recommendations. We’re 100% independent financial advisers, free from funder or product restrictions. No commissions, no conflicts, just your best shot at financing tailored to your goals.
  • Access to a wide panel of lenders: We source exclusive loan deals unavailable through traditional lenders, unlocking bespoke lending solutions that meet your specific needs.
  • A leading SME finance specialist: We’ve been focused exclusively on SMEs since 2018, helping countless businesses reach their growth goals.
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