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From Telesales to Commercial Director: A Hilton Smythe Career Journey

We have had an exciting development recently in the company with lots to look forward to in terms of growth, branding and branching. Our CEO, Gareth Smyth and Managing Director, Craig Graham have been stepping up to oversee upcoming expansions that we will be sharing more of in the future; so watch this space.

With company growth, means growth for our employees who have worked hard for us over the years. Within our Hilton Smythe Group, we have Hilton Smythe Finance and Hilton Smythe Business Sales. In our Business Sales branch, we have been delighted to promote our Operations Manager to Sales Director of the business, Aaron Roberts, who has been here since the start of Hilton Smythe’s journey. To see him work from Telesales to Sales Director has been amazing to witness for our company as we truly love to see our employees grow and be rewarded for all that they do to help us succeed.

We caught up with Aaron recently, even amongst his busier schedule, to tell us about his journey, new role and what he is looking forward to for Hilton Smythe Business Sales.

What roles have you taken on since joining the company?

Oh many, from Telesales I moved upwards to be a Diary Manager where I would manage the appointments for the Regional Valuers. After that, I moved up again to New Business Manager where I ran the New Business team as well as running the appointments. The next step up, I became Operations Manager where I would run the day-to-day of the business as well as the New Business team.

Did you ever have ambition to become a director?

Yes, from day one as soon as I started, I knew where I wanted to go and would put every effort into achieving that goal.

What has been the most significant change you’ve seen within the business?

I have been here many years, so I have seen many changes but the biggest is the number of businesses that sell has increased year on year. Not just regular businesses such as food industry businesses, but newsagents and general retail shops as well as quirky businesses that are very niche to any market. It’s refreshing to see new businesses being created within the UK and thriving.

What has been the most challenging thing about being an Operations Manager?

The most challenging thing about being an Operations Manager at first was the time management but after a while it all falls into place and you learn how to manage your time better.

What was the best thing about being an Operations Manager?

The best thing about it was the different challenges you faced on a day-to-day basis; no two days were the same.

Gareth Smyth, CEO Hilton Smythe Group

“As the business has grown, we have found the need to increase capacity at director level. Aaron has been with the business since it was founded and is already a key cog in the management team, his promotion to Commercial Director therefore made perfect sense.

​As a company, we are keen to promote from within; we have found that internal promotions work well for both the company and the individual”.

What are you anticipating and most looking forward to in your new role as Sales Director?

Being involved in the big decisions and being able to pass my enthusiasm across the company, I have aimed for this all my career and now I’m finally here!

Why do you like working for Hilton Smythe?

I don’t just like it, I love it, it isn’t a job or a role it’s just me and who I am. I love helping people and it’s a family here at Hilton Smythe and we all have the same goals and all want to help our clients with either buying or selling their businesses in the most efficient and caring way possible.

Fond memories?

For me there have been many highlights here at Hilton Smythe, one that stands out to me is when I went from Telesales Executive to Diary Manager; I knew then I would want more and would achieve my goals. Another highlight here is that both Craig Graham and Gareth Smyth have always supported me through thick and thin even when I made the wrong decision.

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