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Get your business on Trip Adviser

If you own a hotel, bed and breakfast or a restaurant, TripAdvisor could be very important for your business.

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site, with 315 million unique monthly visitors. The site operates in 45 countries in the world and holds more than 200 million reviews. Here’s our quick guide on how to get your business on TripAdvisor.

Getting listed

There are two ways to get listed on TripAdvisor.

1. A representative from your business can request a listing.

2. A TripAdvisor user can write a review of the business and initiate a listing.

To request a listing go to and check your business has not already been added. If the listing is already created you should register for the listing rather than create a new one (TripAdvisor only allows one listing per property).

Registering allows you to access the Management Center, here you can manage your listings and correct details that may be inaccurate.

Request a listing

If your business isn’t on TripAdvisor yet you can request a listing. To do this click the “tell us more about it link” at the bottom of the search page.

To get started you’ll have to provide some information about your business. This information will be used to confirm that your business meets the listing criteria and which category your business should be in.

Business details

You’ll need to provide detailed information about your business so consumers can find out what they need about your business.


If your business is an accommodation business, it will be listed in the hotels section. Here you will need to include:

  • Number of rooms
  • Price range
  • Minimum stay requirements
  • Details about on site staff/security
  • Whether room cleaning is included
  • Front desk staff details
  • Bathroom details (en suite?)


Restaurant listings will appear in the Dining section of TripAdvisor. For a restaurant listing you will need to include:

  • Category of restaurant (sit down, cafe or fast food)
  • Type of cuisine
  • Pricing
  • Special features

These will allow diners to decide to dine at your restaurant.


To be listed on TripAdvisor your property must be a permanent place of interest (not seasonal) and must include an official name, address and phone number.

Write a property description

A detailed property description will help customers know more about your property and help them in their decision to go/stay at your property.

Highlight key features of your business, and make sure to distinguish yourselves from competitors, for example are you in a convenient location for getting about (good transport links) or are there popular restaurants near by?

Adding a photo

First impressions matter. If your business looks a little worst for wear in your photo many people may skip over your listing, so make sure you display your hotel in the best possible light.

Instant booking

TripAdvisor has rolled out the ‘Book on TripAdvisor’ feature. This allows travelers to book immediately from the TripAdvisor site.  A positive to this is you only pay for booking that actually turn into stays. For more information about the booking feature, click here. 

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