Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a business broker to sell my business?

Answer: When it comes to buying or selling a business, a business broker acts as the middleman between the buyer and the seller. Brokers are trained professionals that help both parties through the entire process, from the initial selling request through to the closing deal.

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Why do I need an EPC?

Answer: It is now a requirement of European Law that the majority of commercial properties must hold a valid Energy Performance Certificate before it can be advertised or sold.

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What information will I need at the valuation meeting?

The more information we have at the valuation the better! But as a minimum we need your trading accounts, if you are leasing your premises, we need your lease and if you are a franchise we will need a copy of the franchise agreement. Any other information about the business is always a bonus and we will also need a few pieces of documentation to comply with Money Laundering Regulations (see question on ID Checks and money laundering).

How do you value a business?

Valuing a business is quite tricky and more of a science than an art but we use industry recognized methods of indicating the value of the business, based on the assets of the business, the profitability and turnover and compare this against our own sold data. We will take into account factors such as how long the business has been established and the locations of the business, but ultimately a business is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay, but we have developed good systems over the years for placing the best value on a business.

How do I instruct you? What are your terms of business?

We have a standard agreement that contains our terms of business, that we will go through with you. We encourage you to read the terms at your convenience and ensure you are happy with everything. Our agreement is done electronically, so you can sign it after you have reviewed the terms, but if you are struggling or not technically minded, don’t worry we are on hand to assist you. As soon as our agreement is signed, you will receive a copy by email for your reference.

Can I instruct multiple agents to sell my business?

Yes, you are able to instruct multiple agents to sell your business but you should carefully read and check the arrangements for fees. It may be the case that you will have to pay multiple agents and not just the one who has sold it. We work on a sole agency agreement, so if we are instructed and under contract when the business sells we will expect to be paid our fees and we want you to be fully aware and comfortable with this.

If you are instructing us after you have instructed other agents we can, if you request us to do, insert an exclusion clause so you don’t pay us the success fee if the other agent sells it. To take advantage of this, simply let us know when you are ready to instruct us; you will see the exclusion in the amendments section of our agreement. If the other agent does sell the business for you, simply send us the invoice for their agency or success fees to us.

I am already in talks with a purchaser, can I still instruct you?

Yes, by instructing an agent like us you have two options in relation to your purchaser, we can either take over the negotiations on your behalf and advertise the business to the open market in the same way or we can include an exclusion clause in your agreement that will mean you can continue to negotiate with the purchaser, and will not have to pay our success fee, if that purchaser buys the business from you. Just let us know when you are ready to instruct us and you will see the clause in the amendments section of our agreement.

How do I get the best possible price for my business?

If you are able to plan your exit from the business over a period of time we would advise that you make the business as profitable as it can be, this will help to increase the value of the business. Other things which are much simpler will help us to get the best price such as ensuring things are kept clean and tidy when photos are being taken or when viewings are taking place. Additionally it’s a good idea to ensure that everything in your business is in order and being fully utilized, for example social media, customer reviews, processes and procedures. Think as a buyer would do and try to cover off everything you would expect to find as a buyer.

What sort of advertising do you do?

We have a simple strategy to advertising your business, we will get your business in front of as many buyers as we can do. We advertise your business on all the websites you would expect us to, and unlike most of our competitors, we will advertise your business on Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location at no extra cost (unfortunately we cannot do this for discreet or confidential instructions). Other websites we will comprehensively advertise your business on are Daltons, Businessesforsale, Rightbiz and our own website.

Can I just give the business, lease or assets away? Maybe to a friend or family member? Without paying a fee?

As per the terms of our agreement if the assets, lease or the business is gifted or transferred our success fee would fall due. However, we would ask that if you are planning to do this you let us know. We are here to work with you and will take into account all of your circumstances, to deliver the best outcome for you.

What should I do if a purchaser comes directly to me? Do I still pay a fee if I do it myself?

There are occasions where purchasers may come directly to you after seeing our adverts. We stress to purchasers that they should arrange everything through us. But, if someone does come to you directly, please get their name and contact number and pass them on to us, we will deal with them on your behalf. It’s only fair that during the period we are advertising, if someone does buy the business then we should be paid our success fee, because it will be as a result of our adverts.

What if I go on to sell to someone that you sent me or enquired, after I have cancelled?

It would obviously be really unfair on us to do all the work in finding a purchaser, and not receive our fee for doing so. So if someone who has enquired through us and they go on to buy the business, even after our agreement has ended we would need to be paid our success fee. If, after your agreement with us has ended, a person who we have sent to you goes on to approach you again, please simply get back in touch with us and we can assist.

How long after I have signed up will my adverts go live on the internet? Can I change things on the adverts?

We will work as quickly as possible to get everything live for you, but as a guide it can take around 5 days from when you have sent us all the information needed. We will send you a copy of your advertisement as we place them on the internet and really encourage you to have a good read over and make sure you are happy with everything. If you do want anything changing, give us a call, we can make as many changes as you like at any time.

What happens when someone enquires on my business?

Once we receive enquiries from potential purchasers we will try to contact them through any method we can do and various times to discuss their interest in your business. If we believe they are serious and credible we will get them in touch with you for a meeting or viewing. We may provide them with further information prior to this such as answering questions or providing details about the trading accounts or lease. We try our very best to strike the balance between making sure we send you enough serious buyer.

How do you vet buyers?

It’s never our intention to send buyers to you who are not serious. We obtain their contact details and ask them questions about their experience in business and ability to purchase the business from a financial point of view. We take this information in good faith and will relay this information to you. We will also ask purchasers to be ready to provide their proof of funds in conjunction with an offer.

Do you attend viewings?

We do not attend viewings, but we will be in touch shortly after the viewing to find out how everything has gone and answer questions or send further information.

Do I need a solicitor to sell the business?

We recommended you do use a solicitor however it is entirely up to you; we do have a panel of solicitors we can recommend.

Are solicitor’s fees included within the success fee?

No this would be an additional cost; Solicitors fees can vary depending on the how the offer is structured.

What if I don’t sell?

You have our commitment that we will continue to advertise your business until it is sold.

Do assets get added onto the valuation?

It really does depend on the business but usually your assets are needed to make the business run and most times you wouldn’t be able to run the business successful if you didn’t have the assets. So, assets are usually within the valuation price.

How long does it take to sell a business?

A very difficult one to answer as we have sales within days and sales within years, we work on an average of roughly 6–12-month timeframe as a realistic figure.

What happens if my figures increase or decrease?

Send us the new figures and we can reassess the valuation to reflect a true marketing price.

Where are the terms & Conditions before I sign up?

On the proposal we have sent you close to where it says ‘Instruct us’ you will see a link to ‘Click here’ this is where the terms & conditions are.

When is the listing fee payable?

Upon instructing us to sell your business.

Do I have to do a handover period?

It’s entirely up to you most people do and agree something with the new purchaser.