Five reasons why you should buy a café

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Five reasons why you should buy a café

Of course we’ve all seen the headlines about ‘the death of the high street’ but how much do you know about the domination of cafe culture? 

Is a cafe or coffee shop a good investment? We think so, here’s why…

1. Well, with the UK cafés and coffee shop industry growing consecutively over the past 20 years, and predicted to continue, it’s arguably one of the best times to invest in buying a cafe. 

Project Café UK 2019, Allegra World Coffee Portal’s market-leading report on the UK café industry, revealed the total UK coffee shop market is valued at £10.1bn

2. In recent years we’ve seen a real change in consumer habits with many cafés capitalising on the wants and needs of both the local community and the mass market. 

From plant-based food menus, instagrammable designed environments, cat cafés and sustainability focused cafés, there’s a broad range of cafe trends to get involved with. Or why not create your own idea!

3. The trends above are usually focused upon the café owners values, passions and creativity, resulting in a happy work environment; and happy customers. 

A real benefit of buying a café is to be your own boss and create a business you can be involved in as much or as little as you wish. 

4. While there are a couple of major coffee chains that dominate the coffee shop market, it’s not impossible for an independently owned or franchised coffee shop or café to make a solid profit. 

Whilst the competition for a coffee may be high, by creating your own niche, whether it be a product, service or your environment you can keep customers coming back for more.

5. And, once you have your café up and running there’s many simple changes you can consider to continue to increase your profit. Perhaps change or expand your food range, invest in the interior or review your suppliers. 

Listening to your customers and continuing to meet their needs will become fun, easy and give you a solid base to have a successful café business.

If you are interested in buying a café then why not get in-touch with one of our team and see how they can help you buy your dream café, coffee shop or tea room.

Thinking of selling a café or tea room?

If you know it’s time to hang up your apron and find a new owner, then you’re in the right place. With café culture on the up in the UK, it’s the perfect time to sell and make sure you get a good price for your business.

Find out more about buying a café with Hilton Smythe

Café culture is dominating the food and drink market in Britain. The number of coffee shops in the UK is rising, as speciality coffees from around the world become a serious hit with Brits. We’re becoming a nation of coffee connoisseurs, over 81% of people now visit a coffee shop on a weekly basis.

Running a café – the views of an owner

It all started when my wife and her friend had been out for the day shopping in Leeds and they went to enjoy a cup of coffee at O’Briens café. They were really impressed with the products and high quality of the service provided.  So we started to look into the idea of owning our own café.

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