Business Valuation Report

Business Valuation Report

Need clear, unbiased insights into your company’s true value? Our expert valuations team combines proven valuation methods and deep market knowledge to deliver accurate assessments for purposes including exit planning, business sales, management buyouts, tax optimization and expert evidence such as for divorce cases or shareholder disputes.

What is involved in a Valuation Report?

A valuation report is an individually prepared report of our valuation opinion that comprises the following steps:

  • Initial consultation and fact find: This involves a deep dive into the company’s financials, market position and potential, combined with a qualitative analysis of its management.
  • Evaluation of the wider market and competitive landscape: This step involves looking at similar transactionsand comparable companies, as well as the wider dynamics in the market, to benchmark the company against competitors.
  • Financial analysis: A tailored financial analysis will be conducted, using a variety of valuation approaches, including discounted cash flow analysis, balance sheet analysis to establish working capital requirements and excess cash and debt-like items, and mapping enterprise value to equity value.
  • Preparation of the report.
  • Follow-up call to answer any questions about the valuation report/opinion.

If needed, the report can also be Part 35 Expert Witness compliant.

Other services:

  • Business Valuation Opinion Letter: Not every business needs a full-fledged valuation report. If you’re looking for a quick and affordable assessment for internal planning, decision-making, or general guidance, our express opinion letter is a perfect solution. Get a concise, expert-backed valuation delivered on letterhead in 7-10 working days – ideal for those with less complex needs.

Hilton Smythe are here to help businesses Buy, Sell and Grow.

What are Valuation Reports and Opinions typically used for?

  • M&A transactions: Valuation reports are used to determine a fair price for a transaction. They may be used to support claims for tax deductions or exemptions.
  • Divorce proceedings: Valuation reports may be used to determine the value of marital assets in a divorce settlement.
  • Estate planning: Valuation reports can be used to estimate the value of an estate for tax purposes.
  • Loan applications: Lenders may require a valuation report on a property before approving a loan.

Why choose Hilton Smythe?

Boasting decades of collective experience in SME valuations and sales and proprietary access to SME transaction data, we are equipped with a powerful toolkit for transparent and thorough valuations that benchmark your business against competitors.

 Confused about your business’s worth? Need a clear, unbiased assessment for crucial decisions? Contact Hilton Smythe’s expert valuation team today.

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