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Investing in a business can be a huge financial decision for many. When looking for funding to aid your business, whether the funds are for the purchase of a business or to help with existing cash flow, you’ll need the help and expertise of a commercial finance broker.

Here we explain what a commercial finance broker is and how they can provide you with expert support and guidance when you most need it.

What is a commercial finance broker?

A commercial finance broker works with both a business and a lender to arrange appropriate financing, negotiate then manage the chosen loan and support the business until the loan has been secured.

A finance broker will ensure that a business chooses the best financing option for their needs and ability to repay. This way, the chances of them struggling with repayments are reduced. The broker will however, charge a fee or negotiate commission for their services.

What does a commercial finance broker do?

A commercial finance broker helps you to find the best loans and rates to help you fund the purchase of your dream business. They act as a researcher and a matchmaker to source and pair you with the best financial solution for your needs.

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A commercial finance broker will provide support to businesses in a range of ways, including:

Getting a business loan

If you decide to borrow money to fund the purchase of your business, what do you do next? It’s likely you’ll go to a bank; probably the one that you have your current accounts with.

It’s convenient and quick, we get it. By doing this however, have you secured the best loan for you and your business? Have you explored different, often better options?

When you ask a finance broker to find you a loan, they use their extensive range of contacts to find you multiple loans which perfectly suit your business’s needs. They will then use their knowledge and expertise to negotiate the most suitable terms and communicate this with you throughout.

Assessing costs

Sourcing your own loan may not cost you much financially, but it will cost you precious time. By paying someone to do the work for you, you’ll be saving money in the long run by getting a better loan and will still have the time available to work on other elements of your business.

At Hilton Smythe Finance, we don’t require up-front or administration fee charges, making our services much cheaper in the beginning.

Protecting your business

There are vast amounts of business loan lenders now out there who claim to offer the best rates and deals. Navigating this growing sphere can be tough. Making the wrong finance choices for your business can also be extremely harmful. Safeguard yours and your business’s interests by enlisting the help of a qualified commercial broker.

In a recent market research project, we chatted to lots of our buyers who said that a huge advantage of choosing us to find their perfect loan was convenience. Life is complicated already without having to balance different lenders and agencies. Why not get one company to satisfy all of your business needs in one place?

We can find you your dream business, help you find the best way to purchase it and then give you advice on how to improve it and make it your own. Simple.

Commercial finance brokers you can trust

A lot of our customers want to borrow money from someone who they trust; a reputable name. We will aim to find you a loan from someone with a reputable name, so you can trust that your money is coming from the right place. We pride ourselves on human interaction and the discussion with a real, trusted individual about all available options.

At Hilton Smythe, you will be supported by a dedicated manager who knows you and your business inside-out. They will take the time to communicate with you and help to guide you through this big business, and personal, decision.


Our Commercial Finance Service Areas

Acquisition Services

Commercial Finance Broker Bolton

Investing in a business and searching for funding options can be a difficult and lengthy process. Our commercial finance brokers at Hilton Smythe use their expertise to help you secure the best loan for you

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Commercial Bridging Loan

Commercial Finance Broker Bury

Looking for funding for the purchase of a business or need financing to support a current business? Our commercial finance brokers based in Bury can help you to find a suitable finance option.

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Commercial Bridging Loans

Commercial Finance Broker Manchester

It is crucial that you only agree to a loan that suits your needs and repayment capabilities, so enlisting the help of our finance brokers in Manchester is your best option if you want to safeguard the financial future of your business.

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Benefits of using a commercial finance broker

There are plenty of reasons as to why you would benefit from using a commercial finance broker over attempting to secure funding for your business yourself. These include:

More opportunities:
Typically, traditional lenders such as banks will have a stricter criteria in place when it comes to borrowing money. The more red tape you come across, the more likely you are just to settle for a loan on poor terms out of ease. A finance broker will negotiate the best terms for you, saving you time and money in the long run.

Bespoke service:
A broker will spend time learning about what your plans are, understanding your current financial situation and ensuring that they secure the most suitable deal for you.


A broker will be highly experienced with extensive knowledge of funding options, the general market and interest rates. This way, the complicated side of loaning money is dealt with professionally and in your best interests.

Types of Commercial Finance
  • High Net Worth Individuals

    Looking for wealth management expertise unavailable at high street banks? At Hilton Smythe, we know that one-size-fits-all approaches can hinder HNWIs’ ability to protect and grow their wealth.

  • Sharia Finance

    Seeking growth within your faith? We understand the unique challenges facing Sharia-compliant businesses who cannot take advantage of the conventional debt-based products on the market.

  • Structured Finance

    Need complex funding solutions? Enter structured finance – a way to design flexible financing solutions that reduce the risk profiles of investments while improving liquidity

  • Invoice Discounting

    Want to improve your cash flow while managing your own credit control process? Invoice discounting is a form of Invoice financing that helps you to confidentially access funds tied up in unpaid invoices to release working capital. Click the link below to find out more.

  • Commercial Mortgages

    Looking to buy, refinance or invest in a business property? Whether it’s to house your own business, expand into new premises, maximise your pension opportunities, or rent out to another organisation, you may require a commercial mortgage.

  • Property Development Finance

    Thinking about your next big development project? At Hilton Smythe, we can support a range of funding requirements – from pre-planning finance, bridging finance, through to commercial and residential development finance.

  • Invoice Finance

    Cash flow challenges holding your business back? Invoice finance is a specialist form of short-term borrowing. Securing timely payments from clients can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, hindering your ability to invest in growth opportunities. That's where our invoice financing service comes in.

  • Asset Finance

    Need to equip your business for growth? Whether it be agricultural and grounds equipment, technology and security equipment, or plant machinery, our expert asset finance brokers are here to help you secure the essential equipment and machinery you need, without upfront burdening your cash flow.

  • Commercial Bridging Loans

    Waiting for longer-term finance to be put in place? Unlock immediate capital with a commercial bridging loan. Ideal for seizing time-sensitive opportunities, our trusted advisers can help you secure short-term loans to keep your business moving forward until your long-term plan kicks in.

  • Business Loans

    Stuck in a growth rut? Nearly all businesses need finance at some point in their life – whether it is for initial start-up costs, or for major business expansions and partnership buyouts.