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Hybrid working

A far-cry from the Greek symposium of yore where the free-exchange of ideas was oiled by alcohol, music and courtesans, the pandemic-induced hybrid-working trend seems set to stay.

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The business insights section covers a wide range of business topics to help business owners make informed decisions and have a greater understanding on a wide range of business related topics, giving them a deeper insight into issues and situations related to their particular business.

Using our experience and knowledge as one of the UK’s and Europes leading business brokers we outline the position.

Value your business accurately and you can confidently pitch to investors to secure funding.

When you start a new business it is important you take out the right insurance to protect your business.

World Food Week encourages you to try and indulge in foods from across the globe, from the exotic to the obscure.

In a study of nearly 7,500 full-time workers, roughly 1 in 4 employees reported feeling burned out at work ‘very often’ or ‘always’.

With the online retail landscape changing constantly, it can be hard for small businesses to keep up with current trends.