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Hybrid working

A far-cry from the Greek symposium of yore where the free-exchange of ideas was oiled by alcohol, music and courtesans, the pandemic-induced hybrid-working trend seems set to stay.

Business Insights

The business insights section covers a wide range of business topics to help business owners make informed decisions and have a greater understanding on a wide range of business related topics, giving them a deeper insight into issues and situations related to their particular business.

From the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt to Walt Disney’s apocryphal cryo-coffin, leaders have ever tried to cheat death and take their assets to the other side.

It can be difficult to walk away when the business is booming, but that’s precisely when we recommend planning your exit.

Boasting over 2,500 stores in the UK and Ireland, and more than 43,000 stores in over 110 countries, Subway® is the largest sandwich outlet in the world. And all but one of its stores are franchisee owned.

The world is a very different place from the beginning of 2020. There are many people who began the year with stable jobs now find themselves furloughed.

With just over a week to go until the Budget we asked a group of business leaders what they expect from the Budget.

Employee Ownership Trust is a special form of benefit that can allow business owners to sell their business and pay zero tax.