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A guide for SMEs in 2024. After all the hard graft involved in entrepreneurship, ensuring you achieve the best value for your business is vital.

With accelerating automation and the rise of AI-powered financial analysis tools, the temptation to “go it alone” on your SME business valuation may well be strong.

Our latest whitepaper explores how business owners of haulage companies can maximise the value of their company by gaining a deeper understanding of the latest M&A trends within their industry.

Here’s why you shouldn’t wait. In this blog, Hilton Smythe explores why a “watch-and-wait” approach could cost you if you’re looking to sell up.

In Spotlight Magazine Q2 2023 we focus on our current businesses for sale with turnovers between £1m and £20m.

You might have reached a point where selling your business seems like the best step forward.