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Our latest whitepaper explores how recruitment business owners can maximise the value of their company by gaining a deeper understanding of the latest M&A trends within the recruitment industry.

Hilton Smythe secures the sale of health and safety consultancy Comply at Work to AW Safety Management Ltd.

Hilton Smythe secures sale of Elstan HR to one of Scotland’s largest professional services firms.

Due Diligence is the most complex and time-consuming part of M&A transactions, anticipating issues and solutions increases the odds that your deal will succeed.

Heads of Terms documents are essential for defining the scope of a business transaction and ensuring everyone is on the same page. This guide explains how HoTs work and why you should have one.

One crucial aspect of an M&A deal is the purchase agreement, which, once signed, finalises your deal. Here’s what you need to do about these documents.