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Joona Juice

Hilton Smythe completes the sale of kitchen table start-up Joona Juice.

Success Stories

Our success stories are not just about finding a buyer, or that dream business, they are about your journey to realising your dream of owning your own business or off into the sunset for your well earned retirement.

Abbie’s Pets and Exotics, previously called Becks Pets & Exotics, was established in 2012 and was acquired in 2019 by Mike and Karen Smout.

Dan Burke, who was looking for a change of career after working for 14 years trading shares, saw Charles Bread artisan bakery in Hackney as an ideal opportunity to try his hand at something new.

…you should pick something that you’re passionate about for Gerry Wheeler that is certainly true.

Now in retirement, Mr Raymond Boycott (Ray)was on the market with other business brokers and estate agents before instructing Hilton Smythe to help sell his business.

Like many people Ian Sheard dreamed of being his own boss, unlike so many people, he has made it a reality.

Brian Davis used to have celebrities and pop-stars in the rear of his car. As a professional chauffeur he learnt a number of key principles, one being that positive attitude is key.